heytec Logo Our HEYTEC brand addresses quality and price conscious professional craftsmen and discerning DIY enthusiasts with a comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made tools aligned to the specific needs of their users. Top quality at a reasonable price is our goal – and that is precisely what our HEYTEC brand delivers.
The right aids for automotive repairs, installation and maintenance:
One of our particular passions is being able to offer you an entire portfolio of tools that are always precisely aligned with your needs. In view of this, our portfolios always offer the perfect tools for all trades and industry segments – clearly and logically categorised and intelligently combined. We set our focus not only on quality and functionality, but also on optimised and practical sets of tools.
  • Sanitary and installations toolboxes with modules
  • Workshop trolleys and modules
  • Socket sets
  • Tool sets with and without boxes
  • A comprehensive assortment in bags and backpacks